Tutorials: Add Call Queues (V20)

Add Call Queues (V20)

Log in to 3CX

Navigate to the 3CX Admin Console

Select "Call handling"

Select "+ Add queue"

Configure the General settings.

Queue name: Type in a name of your choice here.

Polling strategy: Set the polling strategy to whatever you need your call queue to do. The "Ring All" option is the most common polling strategy and is what is set in our example.

Ring Time (seconds): The ring time is set to 30 seconds by default, but you can change it if you would like.

Maximum queue wait time (seconds): Set the maximum queue wait time to 30 seconds.


Assigned DID number(s): The DID number(s) assigned here will route directly to this call queue.

Destination if no answer: Set the destination here. This is set to "End call" by default.

Note: you could configure the other destination options if you have office hours set up.

Navigate to the "Options" tab.

Music on hold: Set "Music on hold" to whichever WAV file you have saved.

Intro prompt: Enable the Intro prompt and set it to whichever WAV file you have saved.

Announce queue position to the caller: Enable this setting.

Select "+ Add user" to add users to your call queue.

Optional: set up Queue email notifications to inform manager(s) when events take place.

Select "+ Add Manager" to set user(s) as a manager and enable the notifications of your choice.

Optional: set up 3CX Live Chat & Talk so that you can place a link in either your email signature or website to allow people to call with a single click.

Configure the following:

Friendly name: This field is auto-generated from the name of your call queue.

Ask customer for: Set it to ask for customers' name and/or email address, or set it to none.

Click on the Save button when you are finished.