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  • 3CX TLS Setup

    1. Contact Voxtelesys

    You will need to reach out to Voxtelesys and schedule a time to move your trunk to TLS/SRTP, this feature will be coming to the Portal soon but for now it requires a ticket with support@voxtelesys.com

    2. Verify your Voxtelesys Domain on your 3CX

    Open your Voxtelesys SIP trunk and ensure that your Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP is set to 3cx.pstn.voxtelesys.net

    If you have a unique domain name like xxxxxx-xxxx.sip.voxtelesys.net then reach out to support and request a new registration domain.

    3. 3CX Trunk Updates

    Go to Options and change the following settings:

    SRTP Mode = Enabled

    Transport Protocol = TLS

    Before saving the trunk settings we will need to upload the root certificate for the domain.

    4. Download the Root Certificate

    Go to https://letsencrypt.org/certificates and download the Active "PEM" certificate.

    5. Load Cert into 3CX

    Go back to the 3CX and upload the certificate under options > Transport Protocol = TLS > Click "Upload"

    You should now see an expiration date.

    Save the Trunk settings

    6. Verify with Voxtelesys

    Let Voxtelesys support know that the TLS/SRTP is in place on the 3CX trunk and support will verify the correct settings are enabled on your trunks!

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