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  • 3CX StartUP | SIP Trunk Setup
  • 3CX StartUP | SIP Trunk Setup

    1. Log into 3CX StartUP

    2. Navigate to the Web Client Admin Panel

    Click on "Admin" from the dashboard.

    3. Select Voice & chat

    Click on the Voice & chat tab.

    4. Click on + Add Trunk

    Click on the + Add Trunk button.

    5. Select the U.S. or Canada as the Country

    Select either the United States or Canada from the country drop down.

    6. Select Voxtelesys as the Trunk

    Select the Voxtelesys Trunk from the drop down.

    7. Fill in the Trunk Info

    • Name: Voxtelesys (Voxtelesys) or to anything you would like.
    • Main trunk number: Type in your phone number beginning with +1
    • Authentication ID (SIP User ID): Provided by Voxtelesys
    • Authentication password: Provided by Voxtelesys

    8. Click on the DID Numbers tab

    Click on the DID Numbers tab and click on + Add, then type in the DID number starting with a +1.

    9. Configure SMS (optional)

    Click on the SMS tab.

    Check on Enable SMS.

    10. Click on Save

    Click on Save when you are finished.

    11. Your Trunk is now registered!