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  • 3CX StartUp Setup
  • 3CX StartUp Setup

    1. Go to the 3CX StartUp webpage

    Go to https://www.3cx.com/startup/ to create your 3CX StartUp instance.

    2. Sign up with Google or your email

    3. In our example, we will sign up with Email

    4. Verify with your email

    A message informing you to check your email will appear.

    Navigate to your email to verify.

    5. Fill in your account details

    • First Name: Autofilled
    • Last Name: Autofilled
    • Company Name: Your company's name
    • Phone Number: Your company's phone number
    • Country: Autofilled
    • State/Region: Your State/Region
    • Account Password: Enter your desired password used for customer portal and system access
    • License Agreement: Checked

    Click on "Next" when you are finished.

    6. Hosted or DIY?

    Click on the "Hosted by 3CX" radio button.

    Click on "Next."

    7. 3CX Hosted

    Click on the "Up to 10 users - 3CX StartUP"

    Click on "Next."

    8. Verify your 3CX StartUp instance

    9. Add Users

    Click on the "Add Users" button.

    Fill in the following fields for each additional user:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Role

    Click on "Next."

    10 Set up Live Chat (optional)

    Note: you can set up Live Chat on this step or you can set it up later.

    Click on "Next."

    11. Login at this address

    It will show you the address of your 3CX StartUp instance.

    Use the username/extension and password you created.

    • Login

    12. 3CX app (optional)

    Download the 3CX app on your iOS or Android device.

    From the 3CX app, scan the QR code to set it to your 3CX StartUp instance.

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