Tutorials: SMS Setup with an IVR

Enter your credentials.

  • Configuring from the Web Client is required for V18, the IVR SMS forward is not available in the management console.

In the 3CX Web Client, click on the "Admin" settings.

  • If you do not have access to the admin section on the Web Client, then you will need to contact your 3CX administrator to get access or make the changes.

Click on the "Call handling" button.

Click on the "+ Add digital receptionist" button to create an IVR/Digital Receptionist to create a new IVR/Digital Receptionist, if you are modifying and existing digital receptionist you can search for it and click on it to start editing.

Select the "Options" tab.

Select the user or group that you want incoming SMS messages routed. After you selected the desired user or group, click on the "Save" button.

Now incoming SMS messages that would route to this IVR will forward to your selected user or group.