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  • 3CX SMS Setup

    Please note that Voxtelesys requires all customer sending SMS messages to be registered with the TCR, this can be done on our Portal

    Ensure your 3CX is updated to Version 18 Update 5 ( or higher before proceeding with this guide.

    1. Enable SMS on your 3CX SIP Trunk (Voxtelesys)

    Navigate to SIP Trunks > Edit your Voxtelesys SIP Trunk

    SMS > Enable

    Keep this page open while we create the Messaging Application on the Voxtelesys Portal.

    2. Copy the Webhook URL

    3. Create a Messaging Application

    Log into the Voxtelesys portal and navigate to the Messaging Applications

    APIs > Messaging Applications > Click on Create Application

    Fill in the information for your new Messaging Application

    Profile Name: 3CX SMS

    Trunk Group: Select your service trunk

    HTTP Method: POST

    Events: Inbound Messages (MOs)

    MO Webhook: Paste in the copied webhook from the 3CX SIP Trunk

    Authentication: None

    4. Create an API Key

    APIs > Keys > Create Key

    Enabled: Checked

    Name: 3CX SMS

    Trunk Group: Select your service trunk, same as the application trunk

    Copy the new Key

    5. Add API key to 3CX

    Navigate back to your 3CX and paste in the API key under the SIP trunk SMS settings and click on "OK"

    6. SMS Enabled numbers

    On the Voxtelesys portal you will need to SMS enable your numbers and apply the messaging application.

    Navigate to Phone Numbers > Numbers > Search for the number you are SMS enabling

    Edit the number

    Enabled SMS and add the application

    7. Send some Test Messages!

    You are all done! Please note that your messages will follow your incoming rules on 3CX, if you have your number pointed to a call queue it will message the available agents, if to a direct user it will message them directly.

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