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  • 3CX Inbound Rules

    Select "Inbound Rules"

    Configure DID Rules

    1. Select + Add DID Rule

    DID rules control how your incoming calls route.

    2. Configure DID rule

    Name your Rule: Example: Tom Direct

    Select your DID: Example: 2022171341

    • The DID drop down are the DIDs that are set up in your SIP trunk, please go here to see how to add DIDs to your Voxtelesys SIP trunk in 3CX.

    Select your routing for both during and out of office hours.

    Specific office hours can be configured per inbound rule or if set in the PBX settings. They are global for all rules unless overridden here.

    Configure CID Rules

    1. Select + Add CID Rule

    CID rules control how incoming caller IDs are routed.

    2. Configure CID Rule: Block incoming calls

    Example shows how to block a caller ID.

    Name your Rule: Example: Block

    Enter the caller ID: Example: 2145551234

    Select your Trunk: Voxtelesys

    Route your calls to: End Call

    In this example, all calls from 2145551234 on trunk 10000 Voxtelesys will be blocked.

    3. Configure CID Rule: Specific Route

    Example shows how to force all calls from 2145555000 to route to extension 3006.

    Name your Rule: Example: Route to Tom

    Enter the caller ID: Example: 2145555000

    Select your Trunk

    Route your calls to: Extension 3006

    In this example, all calls from 2145555000 on trunk 10000 Voxtelesys will override any inbound rule and route to extension 3006.

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides here!

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