3CX FREE Setup

3CX FREE Setup

1. Go to the 3CX FREE webpage

Go to https://www.3cx.com/phone-system/download-phone-system/ to create your 3CX FREE instance.

2. Sign up with Google or your email

3. In our example, we will sign up with Email

4. Verify with your email

A message informing you to check your email for a verification code will appear. Navigate to your email to verify.

5. Fill in your account details

  • First Name: Autofilled
  • Last Name: Autofilled
  • Company: Your company's name
  • Language: Autofilled
  • Country: Autofilled
  • Region/State: Your Region/State
  • Account Password: Enter your desired password used for Customer Portal and System Access
  • License Agreement: Checked

Click on Next when you are finished.

6. Choose your 3CX!

Select 3CX FREE:

Click on Next

7. Log in to 3CX FREE

Log in to 3CX FREE with the login information provided:

Additional Configurations

1. Navigate to 3CX Admin

2. Click on the Users tab

Click on the + Add user button.

3. Fill in User Information

  • First Name: Enter the user's first name.
  • Last Name: Enter the user's last name.
  • Email: Enter the user's email address.
  • Mobile: Enter the user's cell phone number.
  • Role: Set the user's role.
  • Outbound Caller ID: Set the Outbound Caller ID.
  • Assigned DID number(s): Assign the DID number or numbers.

  • Example of new user being added:

4. Set up Live Chat (optional)

Click on the Voice & chat tab to set up Live Chat.

5. 3CX app (optional)

Download the 3CX app on your iOS or Android device.