3CX FREE | Router Phone/SBC Setup

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  • 3CX FREE | Router Phone/SBC Setup
  • 3CX FREE | Router Phone/SBC Setup

    1. Log in to 3CX FREE

    2. Navigate to the Admin Console

    Click on Admin on the dashboard.

    3. Users > IP Phone > Configure a phone

    Click on the Users tab, then click on IP Phone.

    From here, click on Configure a phone.

    4. Select the Router Phone option

    Click on the radio button next to the Router Phone option.

    Click on Next

    5. Select the Phone Model and enter the MAC Address

    Select the Phone Model from the drop down and type in the MAC Address. In our example we are using the Yealink T54W model.

    • Click on Add phone when you are done.

    6. Restart your router phone (unplug and plug in the PoE cable)

    Restart your phone (unplug/plug). The router phone should be set to the factory settings before you restart it. Once it restarts, your IP Phone will automatically provision.

    Unplug and plug in the Ethernet cord into the Internet port:

    8. Update finished!

    You should see the following messages on your screen if your router phone setup is successful:

    • Welcome message

    • Config updating!

    • Update finished!

    • Obtaining IP address

    • In the top left corner of the screen you will see a green phone symbol along with your extension information:

    There should also be a green dot next to the user's image in the 3CX FREE admin user page.

    Firmware Requirements

    Please ensure the minimum firmware version requirements of the router phone are met prior to configuration.

    More info about the SBC Router Phone