Join the Network: Simplify Peering with Voxtelesys

Peering is the direct interconnection between Voxtelesys' network and your network to support the exchange of traffic. Networks peer to gain a plethora of economic, performance, and traffic control benefits.

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Benefits of Peering

  • Increased redundancy - by reducing dependence on upstream transit providers.
  • Elevated capacity for extremely large amounts of traffic - distributing traffic across many networks.
  • Expanded routing control.
  • Improved performance - attempting to bypass potential bottlenecks with a "direct" path.

Settlement-Free Interconnection (SFI) Policy

In the world of telecom, efficient and cost-effective network connections are crucial. Settlement-Free Interconnection (SFI) offers a compelling approach to achieve this, fostering direct peering partnerships between networks for mutually beneficial traffic exchange. Let's delve into the key aspects of SFI and how it can empower your network connectivity.

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Prerequisites to Peer with Voxtelesys:

Before submitting a peering request to [email protected],
your network administration must:

  • Have a publicly routable ASN and IPv4 address space.
  • Have your ASN record filled in commonly-recognized industry registry: PeeringDB.
  • Maintain up-to-date 24x7 NOC contact information.
  • Presence in at least one (IXP) internet exchange point or private peering interconnection facility listed for Voxtelesys in PeeringDB.
  • Give Voxtelesys notification of maintenance and outages.