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This Service Order, dated as of a specific date in 2024, is linked to a Master Service Agreement (MSA) between the Customer and Voxtelesys. It outlines the terms for purchasing services described within.

1. Term

This Service Order shall commence on the date Voxtelesys Services are first available to Customer (“Service Date”) and shall continue for an initial term (“Term”) of option selected below by customer, either one (1) year, two (2) year, or three (3) year term, from the Service Date and thereafter shall automatically renew for equivalent successive renewal Terms unless terminated by either Party pursuant to the MSA. Notwithstanding anything seemingly to the contrary herein, in the event of early termination or cancellation by Customer (other than material breach solely attributable to Voxtelesys), Customer shall remain fully liable to Voxtelesys for the Minimum Commitment for the remainder of the term of the MSA or the Service Order(s) (whichever is longer), or any renewal of either, as well as any charges due and owing to Voxtelesys, including but not limited to, equipment lease and all other charges contemplated herein.

2. Billing

Voxtelesys will bill Customer on the first day of every month, provided that if such date falls on a weekend or federal holiday, Voxtelesys will bill Customer on the next business day thereafter. The invoiced amounts shall be due within seven (7) days of Customer’s receipt and payable in U.S. Dollars in immediately available funds. Voxtelesys retains the right to change Customer billing cycle or terms upon a thirty (30) day written notice to Customer.

3. Termination

In the case of termination prior to the expiration of the relevant Service Term either by Voxtelesys pursuant to this Agreement or by Customer for any reason other than a material breach solely attributable to Voxtelesys, Customer shall remain liable to Voxtelesys for the monthly charges and Minimum Commitments defined in the relevant Service Order for the remainder of the then-current Term as identified in this Agreement or the Service Order(s), whichever is later.

4. Services and Pricing

The Voxtelesys Services purchased by Customer and the rates for such Services are identified below. Customer may select services by initialing Service box(es). By initialing Service(s), Customer agrees to the service requirements and rates. Customer may request changes to Service(s) by emailing Voxtelesys. By executing this Service Order, Customer agrees to pay Voxtelesys for the Services it receives at the rates, fees and charges set forth herein. Customer shall also pay all regulatory fees and taxes related to such Services as set forth in the MSA. Voxtelesys, in its sole discretion, may amend its rates from time to time and such amendments shall become effective seven (7) days after notice to Customer. Customer is liable for all charges for the Services, including without limitation, any fraudulent usage charges and short duration calls.


☐ 1yr - $17.95 Per Month Per Line

☐ 2yr - $16.95 Per Month Per Line

☐ 3yr - $15.95 Per Month Per Line


☐ 4sc - $35 ☐ 8sc - $35 ☐ 16sc - $55 ☐ 24sc - $75

☐ 32sc - $95 ☐ 48sc - $135 ☐ 64sc - $165 ☐ 96sc - $195


☐ 4sc - $20 ☐ 8sc - $20 ☐ 16sc - $30 ☐ 24sc - $50

☐ 32sc - $65 ☐ 48sc - $95 ☐ 64sc - $125 ☐ 96sc - $150

INCLUDED SERVICES: ✓ Cloudflare (with hosting) ✓ Free Porting Billing Increments: Billing for all calls will be calculated on a per call basis. All domestic calls will be billed in six (6) second increments and subject to six (6) second minimum charge. All international calls, with the exception of Mexico, will be billed in six (6) second increments and subject to a thirty (30) second minimum charge. Calls to Mexico will be billed in one (1) minute increments. Short Duration Calls Surcharge. If twenty percent (20%) or more of Customer’s completed outbound calls billed to the Customer account during any billing cycle are six (6) seconds or less in duration (“Short Duration Call”), then Voxtelesys may charge, in addition to the Rates, a surcharge of $0.01 per Short Duration Call, including for Short Duration Calls below the 20% threshold.

Outbound Rates: Alaska: $.04 per minute Hawaii: $.019 per minute Puerto Rico: $.015 per minute US Virgin Islands: $.025 per minute Canada NW Territories: $.20 per minute Offshore: Voxtelesys Offshore Rate Deck is provided via email and rates are updated on a monthly basis. International: Voxtelesys International Rate Deck is provided via email and rates are updated on a monthly basis.

Inbound Local DID Rates: Setup (new assignment): $1.00 per DID Monthly: $1.00 per DID CNAM: $1.00 per DID (optional) Setup e911: $1.72 per location Monthly e911: $1.72 per location Inbound Toll Free Rates: Setup (new assignment): $10.00 per Toll Free Number (TFN), 833,844,855,866,877,888 Setup (new assignment): $10.00 (TFN), 800 Monthly: $1.00 per TFN Usage: $.025 per minute Usage TFN to TFN: $.08 per minute

5. Minimum Commitment

Customer agrees that during the Service Term and any subsequent Term of this Agreement that Customer’s monthly usage invoiced dollar amount shall equal or exceed the specified Minimum Monthly Commitment amount set forth in this Service Order. If Customer fails to meet its Minimum Monthly Commitment in any month, Voxtelesys may assess a shortfall charge equal to the difference between the Minimum Monthly Commitment and Customer’s actual usage invoiced under this Service Order for such month. The Minimum Monthly Commitment amount is calculated prior to adding taxes and surcharges.

Line Cost: (qty) x (rate) = $ 3CX Software Hosting: (optional) = $ Support: (required) = $ Minimum Monthly Commitment Amount: $

6. Master Service Agreement

Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Master Service Agreement which is incorporated by reference herein and available to the Customer at Customer’s below signature acts as Customer’s acceptance of the terms and conditions in the Master Service Agreement. The signatory to this Service Order on behalf of Customer represents and warrants that he/she has full capacity and authority to enter into this Service Order on behalf of Customer, and that he/she has taken all steps necessary to obtain and achieve said authority. To the extent that such authority is found wanting by a court, he/she agrees to immediately take all steps necessary to obtain and achieve said authority, and that until he/she does so, he/she will remain personally liable for all obligations contained herein.

The agreement ensures clarity on costs, services, and obligations for both parties involved in the telecommunication services provided by Voxtelesys.

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