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Voxtelesys provides scalable IP Communications services for contact centers and businesses of every size. Our High Capacity SIP Trunking, with next-generation routing, supports contact centers from 4 lines to 4,000 lines and more. Our carrier-grade SIP termination services are fully redundant with 99.999% (five-nines) reliability, and offer an unparalleled level of integration power with your network infrastructure and dialer platforms. Based on the G.711-ULAW/ALAW and G.729 codecs, our SIP service delivers the best call quality available today.

Premium Dialer Routes = More Connects and HD Voice Quality

PREMIUM DIALER ROUTE is for Contact Centers that mean business. If you're that call center that does things right and expects your carrier to do the same, this is the route for you. We will deliver more connects and better voice quality than any dialer route in the country!

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We offer friendly terms and competitive pricing

High Capacity SIP Trunk No monthly line fee Starts at $.01/min Optional NPANXX rate deck

DCLID - Dynamic Caller ID - $10/month

Dynamic Caller ID (DCLID) is a stand alone data service designed to help phone systems manage the complex task of localizing calls to your extended service areas. If your business covers more calling areas than your phone system can support, Vox-DCLID can help with our desktop application or API.

DIDs give businesses a local presence, plus provides a local number for customers to call back. We also encourage adding “Calling Name” to your DIDs. It’s FREE, adds credibility, and encourages customers to answer more calls. All DCLID DIDs must be registered on Voxtelesys' network and must be answered when receiving incoming calls.

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Is your Contact Center TCPA Compliant? Voxtelesys can help.

TCPA Compliance Services

Don’t risk the high fines or penalties now in place for operating outside TCPA compliance, by unknowingly calling mobile and wireless customers without the express written consent required by the FCC.

DNC - Do Not Call (VOX-DNC)

Streamline the complex tasks of TCPA and DNC compliance. Telemarketers, service providers and call centers of any type today regularly struggle with the challenges of regulatory compliance.

Cell Number Blocking (SIP-CNI)

With SIP-CNI added to your SIP Trunk, Voxtelesys can block all cell numbers from being sent out while you are dialing in real time.

Cell Number Scrubbing (VOX-CNI)

VOX-CNI is a web service you can easily scrub your lists in real time, generate reports to audit, and verify you are TCPA compliant.

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Complete your Contact Center requirements with…

Local Phone Numbers (DID) 911 Toll Free Service
Disaster Recovery Fax Fraud Protection
International DID IVR Call Recording

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Fraud Protection Don’t take the Risk!! Stay Protected with Voxtelesys.

Limit your risk from hackers taking over your phone system. Voxtelesys sets a financial daily limit for every customer and automatically disables services if the preset daily limit is reached. This protects customers that have their networks compromised from losing more than the preset daily amount.

Voxtelesys Contact Center Fraud Protection

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