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  • Redundant, Reliable, Resilient, Robust.
  • Redundant, Reliable, Resilient, Robust.

    October 11th, 2022

    After the Denial of Service incidents in the telecom industry in 2021, we decided (out of an abundance of caution) to revamp our network.

    A DDoS Attack tries to use up an application's resources, causing the application to be unresponsive to legitimate users. We implemented a protection solution to mitigate traffic patterns, spot unwanted traffic, and enhance our network security practices.

    • We removed a data center that didn't meet our expectations or requirements for our customers and replaced it with an Uptime Certified TIER III data center.
    • We brought on additional backbone fiber providers.
    • We invested (integrated with) in Cloudflare's Magic Transit product, Magic Transit is proven network security that offers DDoS Protection.
    • We deployed our own private ring with dual dedicated 10 Gig links between all our data centers.
    • We created a status page that we don't host and never intend to use other than for maintenance notifications.
    • We overhauled our DNS infrastructure to implement a redundant, multi-provider model.
    • BGP Peers with several public cloud on-ramps. Peering is the interconnection between network traffic. Networks peer to benefit legitimate traffic. We will even peer with you as a customer if you wish.
    • We have on-site network "firemen" in case of an issue.

    Our fully-staffed NOC and Operations Team are made up of Security and Networking Experts. 30+ years of industry experience ensure our clients benefit from round-the-clock expert support. Give us a call at any hour of the day -- we will answer.

    From an operations standpoint, our main goals have always been:

    • No downtime/outages.
    • No data breaches.
    • No reliance on another cloud service provider. AWS down? Your SIP Trunk won't be either.

    Self-Healing Infrastructure

    We run well below our hardware capacity and have never been oversubscribed. Our systems run at an average load of 10%. If we would near our max load in one location, our Traffic Management Systems will automatically overflow/re-route excess traffic to another of our data centers.

    The Voxtelesys Network Topology

    The Clos Network Topology of our SIP stack ensures the most reliable connection for our clients.

    Our media relay manager allows for asynchronous media relay. If there are any internet connectivity issues at any of our data centers, we can route traffic on our private network and out to another data center.

    Peering Voxtelesys - AS400011

    We are peered with several Internet Exchanges - one of them being Ashburn, VA. Supposedly over 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic goes through this Northern Virginia region!

    We have a well blended plethora of Tier-1 upstream IP transit providers to ensure the best connections to any ISP in North America.

    Our Infrastructure Powers Thousands of Businesses

    Voxtelesys' approach to infrastructure ensures the highest level of performance and availability for our customers in all 50 states and every Canadian province.

    Every day, Emergency Broadcasting, Bomb Defusal Dispatch, Health Care, Schools, Banks, and other critical infrastructure trust Voxtelesys to provide reliable and cost-effective telecommunications.

    Since Voxtelesys has been identified as a critical infrastructure powerhouse to the United States, we have teamed with CISA to penetration test our network, giving best-practice pointers to improve our security posture.

    Redundant, Reliable, Resilient, Robust.